England 2005

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Peacocks abound at Kew Gardens.


More Chihuly at Kew.  All the red and blue “stems” are blown glass.





Ely Cathedral, Tom, Carol & Ron out front.


Carvings in Ely Cathedral – almost all had heads removed, due to a decree issued (during the reformation) by Thomas Goodrich, the bishop of Ely who was also Lord Chancellor. 

Bridge of Sighs at Cambridge.  The type of boating practiced here is called “punting.”

Ely is famous for its “lantern,” this top of the center tower in the cathedral.  Much of the ceiling in Ely is wood.


More of Ely’s ceiling.

Students at Cambridge.


Buckingham Palace.


House at Clivedon, now a luxury hotel.


The River Thames at Clivedon.


The River Thames in London, with a view of the Hungerford suspension bridge, taken from the Westminster bridge.

Black swans at St. James Park.  I took these bird pictures while seated on a park bench with Tom all stretched out, napping, head in my lap.


Ruddy Shelduck at St. James Park.


 3 white pelicans at St. James Park.  Everyone was excited about these.  Sorry for the small size.


Clever quotes were decorating the windows at a place called Circus.


Wall mural off Carnaby Street.


Rickshaw in Chinatown.


Guard at Buckingham Palace.


Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace.  The sky really was this blue.  I didn’t touch this up!


Tabloid cover in London on June 18, 2005.


Water garden at Clivedon.


The yellow boat is the Yellow Duck, a tour you can take on the Thames in London.

Westminster Abbey with the classic double decker bus in front.

Classic London cabs parked in front of Westminster Abbey.


Larger than life sculpture of reclining man at Golden Square in London.


Gate at Buckingham Palace.

Statue of William Tyndale at the Victoria Embankment Gardens.  He was the first to translate the New Testament from Greek to English.


Big Ben in blistering hot sun.


London’s Chinatown, near Leicester Square, where we had tea.


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