Paris Journal 2006

Tuesday, July 25

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Yellow coneflowers on the Promenade Plantée.


Strange sculptures on the edge of the Bercy Park.  This is what you see when you first enter the park from the new Simone-de-Beauvoir pedestrian bridge.


The lovely Yitzhak Rabin garden in the Bercy Park.  The brick chimney is a relic from the old village warehouses that used to be in this area. 


A place for kids to play games as part of the new section of Paris Beach on the right bank. 


Weather:  Temperatures in the 90s today, and predicted to be 100 degrees F tomorrow.  Air pollution report for today, from AirParif:

Air quality forecasted for 25/07/2006 :  Bad 

ATMO index for the agglomeration of Paris 8 
due to:

Forecasted ozone maximum hourly concentration : from 200 µg/m3 to 230 µg/m3.


Forecasted NO2 maximum hourly concentration : from 120 µg/m3 to 140 µg/m3.


Wooden decks are used instead of imported sand in this part of the Paris Beach event.


A view into the new Josephine Baker floating swimming pool.  This is a permanent facility, not just part of the Paris Beach which will conclude in mid-August.


Violinist entertains Paris beach-goers on the right bank.


The Josephine Baker pool and the Bercy bridge on the Seine.


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