Paris Journal 2001 - Page 17

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Thursday, August 23

These pics aren't the sharpest because I took them at night without a tripod, and it was actually much darker outside than the camera makes out.  But they give you an idea of how enchanting this city can be at night.

For a change, I took my camera with me when we went out to eat.  We walked through the Champ de Mars and crossed to the 16th arrondisement on the Passerelle Debilly.   We dined at Waknine, on avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie.  It was superb.

The top pic is taken from the passerelle.

The second is looking at the Trocadero from the left bank, in front of the Eiffel Tower.

tourseinenite.jpg (29039 bytes)
trocadero.jpg (17750 bytes)
touratnite.jpg (22854 bytes)
One of the statues on the Seine near the Eiffel Tower. nitestatue.jpg (27663 bytes)
ieananite.jpg (31961 bytes)
Carroussel near the Tower. nitecarroussel2.jpg (29228 bytes)
Bon soir! touratnite2.jpg (21687 bytes)

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