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Small car parked onboard a houseboat on the Seine.


Plastic chairs for sale on the boulevard Saint Germain.

Louis Pion watch, water resistant to 50 meters, for 18 euros.


Garden at the Musťe de Cluny.

You just canít have too many photos of the Eiffel Tower.


Because of the weather yesterday, we didnít venture out too far.We just did some shopping and went out for a heavenly dinner at Banani, an Indian restaurant at 148 rue de la Croix Nivert (Tel. 01-48-28-73-92).


Many French restaurants are closed on Mondays, so thatís a good night to go for ethnic food.


Bananiís has a new staff in the kitchen.They no longer serve blander, Frenchified sauces.My korma was rich and nicely spiced.Perhaps some of the best Iíve ever had.I still love the Indian Oven in Columbus, Ohio, however.


Iím still glowing and happy from that korma last night.No wonder my friend Karen P. is such a happy person.Sheís married to a man who knows how to make korma (or so Iím told).


My readers have responded favorably to the information about the Kosmos phone card (see June 3).I wish I knew where it can be purchased, other than at that one shop, Telephone Moins Cher, on avenue Emile Zola.If anyone knows, please sign my guestbook and tell us.


Did I mention that the strikes are over?Both the SNCF (train) and the newsstand strikes were settled very quickly.


And now the SNCF has announced the lowering of ticket prices on the TGV (high-speed train) between Paris and Montpellier, starting June 21.Last December, they lowered the ticket prices for another TGV, between Paris and Toulon.


I think the new, low prices for the Paris-Montpellier train are only available on the internet at and one-way ticket in 2nd class is now just 19 euros!


The tickets arenít sent by mail or picked up at a ticket window.You actually must print them out at your computer.


I am still amazed at how much we get for less than 30 euros each time we shop at Ed, the grocery.For example, on June 1 we bought the following for 27.86:

2 liters of laundry detergent, 5 liters of spring water, 300 grams of cashews, 1 liter of ice cream, 3 wonderful yellow peaches, 500 g Emmental cheese, 270 g Paris ham, 6 jumbo brown eggs, 2 liters of lowfat milk, 75 centiliters of tomato juice, a bottle of sparkling wine, 180 grams of sliced turkey breast, and 280 grams of tomme de savoie (cheese).Not bad, eh?


Yesterday, Tom bought a watch at the watch shop nearest the apartment, on the rue du Commerce.We thought it was going to cost 45 euros, as did the other watches on the shelf where it flaunted itself.But when Tom turned it over, the price sticker said 18 euros!The thing is stylish, French, water resistant to 50 meters!Check out Louis Pion, watchmaker for the world.




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