Paris Journal 2001

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Aug. 6 - continued

These musicians we also heard last year. 

3singers.jpg (70375 bytes)
I just had to take a photo of this striking albino woman. albino.jpg (21658 bytes)
Farther down the steps were these African drummers.  The lead drummer is in the white tee shirt.  He was incredibly talented. afrique3.jpg (49081 bytes)
After a moment, the white guy who plays the trap set (i.e., not hand drums, but drums like Tom's) joined them. afrique4.jpg (74704 bytes)
After a while they took a break, and the lead drummer moved over to the steps, where he takes up a large gourd type of percussion instrument -- we don't know what it was exactly, but it sounded like it had seeds inside and it has a long wooden stem. afrique5.jpg (50976 bytes)
This appeared to be a group of students, a couple of whom were probably American.   They were singing and playing some kind of primitive native American or African folk songs.  Very catchy. studentgroup.jpg (51746 bytes)
Always, there are mimes at work on Montmartre on Sundays. colorfulmime.jpg (48685 bytes)
whitemime.jpg (9470 bytes)
Graffiti takes on colorful forms in Paris, especially on Montmartre. yellowcat.jpg (72957 bytes)
And here are some panoramic views of Paris, taken from the vicinity of Sacre Coeur.



















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