Paris Journal 2001

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August 6 - continued

An arbor over part of Parc de la Turlure, located behind Sacre Coeur.












A lonesome dove among the pigeons in the park.












At the Agile Rabbit, where famous artists and writers used to get drunk.































Vineyard across the street from the Agile Rabbit.  This was planted by the intellegentsia who occupied Montmartre in 1934.  They may have been intelligent, but they didn't know how to ask the right questions because they planted these vines on a north-facing slope.  Then they scheduled a "grape picking celebration" in the first year, not knowing that one must wait for four years before one can harvest grapes from new vines.  They had the celebration anyway -- any excuse for a party . . . .



















At last we took a break at a resto called Cabanon de la Butte.  It was 4pm, kind of late for lunch, so there was only one dish on the menu -- chicken with mushrooms and risotto.   But they were playing jazz on the stereo -- really good jazz -- a Stan Getz CD which Tom owns and loves.  And the place was peaceful, and the view out the window behind Tom's head was terrific.  The food turned out to be Spanish-like, and very good.  There was a curious dog who kept us company for part of the time.  We stayed for a couple hours, eating leisurely and listing to great jazz.  We told the proprietor how much we like the Stan Getz CD, and we talked with him for a bit about jazz and Tom's interest in it.  So the next few CD's were just as interesting.  Chick Corea, and Dizzy Gillespie, we think.  When we went back outside, the weather was sunnier, and many of the sunnier pics, above, were taken then.

We took the number 80 bus home, and it started to rain again.  The bus let us off right at the corner of rue de l'Avre, so we didn't have to pick out way through the busy rue du Commerce and we remained mellow.  We laughed all the way down rue de l'Avre about our interpretations of a sign on the bus that gives seating priority to the "mutilateds of the war" (priority number 1), and then goes on with a list of other infirmities and their assigned priorities so if you get lots of disabled people on the bus you know who gets seated first. 

We stopped at our favorite tiny little grocery that is open on Sunday, Tot et Tard, where the proprietor is beginning to recognize us.

Life is good.

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