Paris Journal 2001 - August 17 continued

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On our way along the Promenade Plantée toward the Jardin de Reuilly we saw this cleverly terraced and landscaped retaining wall. terrassed.jpg (39507 bytes)
Voila! Le Jardin de Reuilly.  It is really lovely, with gardens on the upper level. reuillyfl1.jpg (57084 bytes)
reuillyfl2.jpg (66542 bytes)
reuillyfl3.jpg (63590 bytes)
reuillystatue.jpg (32420 bytes)
And on the lower level, a grassy area for lounging in the shade or sun.  I predict that Madame on the right will awaken to find sunburned feet. bronzee.jpg (30152 bytes)
In order to rehydrate ourselves for the long walk back along the Promenade Plantée we stopped at a place called the Tex Mex Grill to have a Badoit and a Vittel.  Weather being perfect, we sat on the outdoors terrace, and were thoroughly entertained by the resident black kitten.

We made it home in time to rest up for a nice dinner at our local Provençale bistrot.

texmexcat.jpg (19449 bytes)

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