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Sunday, August 19

On Thursday we walked south along one of our favorite avenues in the 15th arrondissement, Fťlix Faure.  Many times we've passed this amusing sign on a computer store -- another misguided attempt to use English.

You can see why we ask for menus in French when someone hands us menus in English.   The French is easier to understand and is clearer than pseudo-English.

hightprice.jpg (49213 bytes)
Also many times we've passed this poster in the front window of an audio visual production agency.  Unfortunately, the office is always closed when we go by, so we've never seen the real feline although all of her toys and favorite places to sit are right there, beneath the poster, in the front window.  Fans of General Burnside will understand why we are so taken with his twin sister.

Someday, we hope to meet "la mascotte" of the Mondial Bureau.

mascot1.jpg (49760 bytes)
mascot2.jpg (48432 bytes)
You have no doubt heard about the problem with Legionnaire's Disease at Paris's brand new, ultra modern HŰpital European Georges Pompidou.  Here's a glimpse of the hospital as seen through trees in the entrance area for Parc Andrť CitroŽn. [2003 note: Not so ultra modern because it has no air conditioning, as is also true of other French public hospitals.] hegp.jpg (61382 bytes)
Parc Andrť CitroŽn is huge.  It is the site of the former CitroŽn truck and automobile factory.  Appropriately, there are a couple of old CitroŽns being used here as places for selling refreshments and renting lounge chairs in the park. citroen2.jpg (49011 bytes)
"Location" is the word for rental -- also used in real estate. citroen.jpg (53061 bytes)
citroen1.jpg (51854 bytes)
One of the most popular attractions in this park on a warm summer day is the computer-controlled fountain.  The water spouts go up and down, sometimes disappearing, then reappearing -- causing many squeals of delight.

Note the very modern architecture all around the site.

autofountain.jpg (46553 bytes)
In the middle of the park, a hot air balloon takes tourists up for a view of Paris.  The balloon operates every day, weather permitting.  We see it from our balcony at our apartment. balloon3.jpg (17775 bytes)
The middle of the park is a large open space, with the dancing fountain at one end and the Seine at the other.  Skirting all around the open space is a shallow rectangular pool of water. balloon2.jpg (39685 bytes)
Water appears, disappears, and reappears throughout the park.  These lilies were growing in a shallow pool at the edge of the open area, near the gardens that I'm about to show you on the next page. waterlilies.jpg (46533 bytes)
I know this isn't a really attractive picture, but I wanted to point out how they dealt with the potentially obnoxious features at the Seine end of the park.  There is an expressway that goes along the Seine here.  They buried it -- it is in a tunnel under the cobblestones that pave this quay.  Tourist boats stop here at the quay regularly -- it is one of the best places to catch a boat that will give you a guided, round-trip tour of the Seine and Paris.

There is also an RER (commuter) train that goes along the Seine here.  It is elevated, so that the quay is completely accessible to people who use the park.

On to the gardens of Parc Andrť CitroŽn

citrquay.jpg (42753 bytes)

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