Paris Journal 2001 - August 19 continued

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Notice along one side of the large open space at Parc André Citroën there are large hedges with openings.  Some of the openings lead to modern, gently sloping waterfalls that kids are allowed to play in.  Some openings lead to a series of shaded gardens, each planted to a different theme with its own color.

We've had far more rain than is typical for Paris this summer, so the gardens are not at their most colorful state.  But they are still lovely to walk through.

The following pictures will give you an idea.  This is very different from the large, open part of the park.

citrjardin.jpg (49480 bytes)
citrjardin5.jpg (55417 bytes)
citrjardin3.jpg (65137 bytes)
citrjardin4.jpg (67236 bytes)
This garden was mostly green grass and nice trees.  Notice the pigeon -- there were actually two of them.  We were sitting on a bench resting in this garden, when suddenly, from somewhere behind us, a cat appeared.  He was hiding behind a concrete base for a sundial, hunting these birds. 


citrjardin2.jpg (63082 bytes)
Suddenly, he made his move -- he's moving so rapidly here that everything is a bit of a blur (I still have the flash turned off).  Unfortunately, the movement of tourists scared the pigeons off.  Otherwise, I think this cat would have caught one of the pigeons.   He was good.   Darn! chatnoir.jpg (35734 bytes)
I leave you with this image of a charming sign for a home improvement store on avenue Félix Faure.  Nice, eh? fauresign.jpg (25283 bytes)

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